Kovax Europe, located in Almelo, is an overall supplier of sanding materials and a 100% daughter of Kovax Corporation in Tokio, Japan. The company was founded in 1930 and has become one of the largest and most innovative companies in the abrasive industry. In Asia we are the undisputed number 1 and in Europe we are working hard to accomplish a top 3 quotation.

"An extensive product range that is characterized by a price-quality ratio of which there is no equal”.
At Kovax we fully understand the ins and outs of the sanding process. This knowledge underlies new product developments or product adaptations. At the same time we are engaged in the latest Technologies. The result is innovative products that perfectly fit your sanding processes.
From product development, to production and distribution, this complete process is in Kovax’s own hands. Only in this way we can make swift and timely deliveries and we can simultaneously offer high-quality products against a correct price. Moreover, with our extensive product range, we can offer a proper product for each sanding order!
Why Kovax?

As you may expect from a Japanese organization, Kovax offers products of superior quality for a fair price. In addition to our excellent price/quality ratio there are more reasons for choosing Kovax:
Most complete product range in the market
Durability lies above the average lifetime of other abrasives brands
Extremely uniform sanding scratch
Labour time savings up to 50%!
Flexibility; custom made solutions for specific wishes and (product) requests are possible
High level of after sales service; like technical support without charge

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