Take full advantage of the flexibility and energy efficiency provided by Blowtherm Genius Preparation Bays
 with incredible expansion possibilities.

Manage even the most challenging workflows with ease, thanks to the available components and variety of sizes. Well-equipped and furnished walls, accelerated curing with high-tech infrared and UV lamps, ergonomic lifts, manual or motorized roll-up curtains with smart control, integrated exhaust extraction systems, secure electronic and PLC controls with user friendly interfaces are just some of the choices.

For a perfect combination of production requirements, workers safety and low environmental impact.  Also for Spot- and Smart Repair
 according to the national work and safety regulations.

Fully customized. Secure. Reliable and scalable over a long life cycle.

Features and options

  • Wide filtering surface for optimal air distribution
  • Ultra Air System™
  • LED Blowlight™
  • With/without insulation
Automation and process control:
  • With integrated electronic control panel
  • Blowtherm PLC With 5.7” or 10.1” industrial touchscreen
  • Air diffusion with bay partitioning and airflow volume controls
  • Safety relays and controls
  • Smart diagnostics, reporting, remote support
  • Blowtherm Digital Solutions
Exhaust extraction system
  • Floor system for laminar vertical airflow
  • Side, or rear exhaust air extraction
Structures, layouts and sideload finishing system
  • Rear or side wall panels
  • Windows or full glass wall panels
  • Manual or motorized curtains with smart controls
  • Levelling accessories between booths or other preparation bays
  • Fixed or pneumatic ramp for front access
  • Blowtherm Lean Car Mover™:rail tracks and dolly carts for increased productivity
Ventilating units
  • With or without heating
  • Gas/oil-fired burners, hot water battery module, electric resistance module
  • Heat recovery unit, also without by-pass, up to 70% energy savings
Modules for perfect integration in entire work systems
  • IR/UV paint curing lamps and rail system
  • Mobile and central dust extraction systems
  • Well-equipped walls with accessories, cabinets, functional switchboards
  • Integrated hydraulic under body car lift system
  • OEM installation kits for Herkules/Hedson car lifts

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