An impeccable job requires a high-performance and highly flexible paint booth. The Blowtherm Extra
 is the most complete paint booth on the market, packed with technological solutions. A central element for all automotive and industrial paint applications.

The innovative Blowpowerm™ system components allow the finishing processes to be sped up, thus saving energy 
and improving the quality of the air. The intelligent combination and digital integration with Industry 4.0 connectivity lead to the best work results and increased environmental friendliness.

You work in complete safety inside an innovative, versatile and highly efficient spray paint booth.


  • Modulating direct fired gas burner or indirect gas/oil burner
  • Industrial PLC touchscreen control panel (5.7″ or 10.1″)
  • Heat recovery unit
  • Speedcure™ and water-borne paint programms
  • Blowlight™ LED lighting
  • Fully windowed four-wing vehicle entry door
  • Compliance EN 16985 and multiple international/national spray booth standards and regulatory codes.

Optional add-ons:

  • Automatic front or side roll-up entrance door
  • Full glass wall panels
  • Storage box 
  • inside the booth
  • Integrated pneumatic ramp
  • Integrated hydraulic under body lift system
  • Blowtherm Lean Car Mover™
  • Fire damper, Atex components
  • Top-level safety relay
  • Rear or side wall exhaust extraction
  • Multi-level filter system based on the paint used (paint-stop, synthetic, paper, active carbon)
  • Thermal ventilating unit pre-assembled and/or mounted on top of the spray booth
  • Heating system with electric or water heating elements
  • Adiabatic or isothermal humidification
  • Air cooling for total control of process conditions in the booth
  • Ultra Air Speed™ ventilation system (manual, remote control, automatic laser control)
  • Accelerated Airflow System in box corner
  • Special installations with conveyor
  • Blowtherm Process Manager 4.0(BPM), Blowtherm Process Performance Center (BPPC)

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