KOVAX: Smart Repair!

Monday 16th May 2022

Meet the growing and high potential market of Smart Repair! A technique where repairs are done faster and less materials are needed. This is not only cost efficient but also very profitable!

Get smart. Feel free: enter the world of Smart Repair

Smart Repair involves smaller repair areas. Therefore, Smart Repair shops use 77mm abrasives. With the Kovax 77mm solutions you have a complete and high-quality range to offer!
A whole new market lies ahead of you. So if you're interested in expanding your business and increasing your sales, make sure you read this article!
What is Smart Repair?

Smart Repair stands for 'Small and Medium Area Repair Techniques'. This is a collective term for various repair techniques. With these repair techniques, small damages can be repaired locally, without having to disassemble, sand and paint a whole part of the car. Also, more of the original paintwork is maintained. This saves time & money and is more environmentally friendly.
An opportunity to tap into a new market

The number of structural damages is decreasing, as the automotive industry is rapidly introducing technology that helps prevent accidents. As a result, many damages today are not as large or cosmetic in nature. Think about faded headlights, weathered leather seats or when you hit the door of another car.
Thanks to Smart Repair, damage can be repaired quickly, at a lower price for a higher profit margin. This is because less material and labour are required. In addition, a part only needs to be partially treated (sanded and sprayed). So Smart Repair is cheaper, faster and better for the environment! This makes the Smart Repair market a super interesting market to enter.
Entering the market

Try looking up Smart Repair shops on the internet. Use Google or social media. In fact, many Smart Repair shops are active on Instagram. Did you know that we work with influencer Damage Undone
? He specializes in Smart Repair and regularly shares helpful tips on his Instagram account.
If you visit a Smart Repair shop, take along some products that are perfectly suited for Smart Repair:
- Maxfilm Multihole P80-P600
- Super Assilex K600- K1500
- Yellow Film Multihole P800 - P2000
- Tolecut K800 - K3000
- Tolex / Buflex Dry K1500 - K3000
- ProMa-X Air 75D
- Assilex/Buflex Sander
Smart Repair Process

Step 1 - Damage assessment and surface cleaning
Step 2 - Surface preparation
Step 3 - Masking
Step 4 - Application of primer
Step 5 - Sanding of primer
Step 6 - Paint application
Step 7 - Paint correction and finishing
More Information

Want to know more about Smart Repair? Ask your question in the Forum. The Extranet team and the entire Kovax family are ready to help you.
Do you already have experience with Smart Repair? Then don't hesitate to share your story and help others. That way we can make the most of the strength of our partnerships. Together
we are strong!

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