We decided that fast repair processes were an absolute must for our organisation. When we set out on the path to look for such equipment, we had no idea that we would end up with such a unique piece of equipment. Our technicians now prefer to work with the LAGOS Rapid Repair System than the traditional spray booth! 

July 2017

Denis Dineen, Dineen Crash Repairs

I like using the Q1 Masking Solutions range because of its good quality. Shop Bodyshop Direct provide excellent customer service and delivery service.

April 2017

Cormac Gilmartin, Rochford Motors

I am very satisfied with both customer service & value for money at Shop Bodyshop Direct. SBSD offers numerous ways to buy products and I find their website efficient.

Jim Foley, Jim Foley Crash Repairs

5 out of 5 for customer service, delivery service and value for money. I usually buy over the phone or with our local Sales Rep. I find the website efficient to use.

Keith Diver, Diver's Crash Repairs

I would rate Shop Bodyshop Direct a 5/5 for customer and delivery service. I buy stock from the Sales van or call HQ. Website is efficient but would rate a 3/5 on value for money.


The RAXON UHS Clear is going very well for us. We haven’t used any other clearcoat since and we won’t be going back. It is working 100% for us and the painters are very happy with it.

Steven O'Hara, Sleators Bodyshop

I find the Raxon clear rapid to be an excellent lacquer with fast drying times and ease of application. After testing it beside a higher priced lacquer it stood up to it and after 8 weeks left outside in the elements it held it gloss level.

Sean Keys, Joe Lynch's Toyota

"Superb finish to the RAXON Antiscratch Clearcoat. Easy application and truely a great product. I will definitely be recommending it!"

David Pickard, David Pickard Crash Repairs

"Just used this new clearcoat Raxon UHS Rapid, it is the best I have seen in long time. 10 out of 10 thanks to everyone at Bodyshop Direct."

Declan Dunne, Bill Brennan Crash Repairs

Using the SATA 5000 has given the company's painters much greater control of the end finish. We sometimes feel that different manufacturers have different degrees of orange peel tht need to be recreated and this gun gives us that flexibility. 

Shane Cahill, Car Craft

We bought the SmartPuller last year (2015) on a purely exploratory basis and since, the jobs where it has been able to save sectional replacement has been amazing. This is a tool for a professional who understands the law of the lever! I would recommend this product without hesitation.

Chris Kennedy, Kennedy Crash Repairs

We started using the Proworx range of bodyfillers over two years ago and we can simply say that it is the best range of products we have ever used from sanding time to final result. Top marks to Shop Bodyshop Direct on yet another inspiring product.

Liam Twomey,, Red Abbey Motors, 2016

Excellent products, efficient service and friendly staff. And most of all, Truthful.
March 2016. 

O'Connell, A,

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