COVID-19 Update

Monday 24th August 2020


As most of our customers are aware, the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic continues. We all have our part to play so that we can co exist with this dreadful virus. While we have returned to work in phase 2, we are still concerned about the possibility of catching or spreading the virus among staff and customers. To that end we are adding more ways for you to access our portfolio. Our latest ERP/E-COMM platform will allow you to order any time, check your account anytime, or remember your last order etc. This will enhance a touch-less relationship if needs be. Whilst our reps are on the road visiting customers please don't feel obliged to engage in person. If indeed, you would rather maintain social distancing. Whatever your decisions are around our mutual interactions we respect and have alternatives solutions in place.. Stay Safe and remember to wear a face mask whenever in public.


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